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‘Social Justice’ Is for Homos : The Other McCain

‘Social Justice’ Is for Homos : The Other McCain

Posted on | February 12, 2019 | 1 Remark


Keep in mind my publish yesterday about Tumblr? The way it’s a money-losing dumpster hearth filled with pornography and mentally unwell LGBTQ activists? Within the feedback of that submit, somebody linked to Scott Alexander’s basic 2014 essay at Slate Star Codex referred to as “The Toxoplasma of Rage,” which explains why Tumblr sucks so dangerous:

Tumblr’s interface doesn’t permit you to touch upon different individuals’s posts, per se. As an alternative, it permits you to reblog them with your personal commentary added. So if you wish to inform somebody they’re an fool, your solely choice is to reblog their complete submit to all your folks with the message “you’re an fool” under it.
Whoever invented this technique both didn’t perceive memetics, or understood memetics a lot too nicely. . . .
I make enjoyable of Tumblr social justice typically, however the issue isn’t with Tumblr social justice, it’s structural. Each group on Tumblr by some means will get enmeshed with the individuals most devoted to creating that group depressing. . . .
Tumblr’s reblog coverage makes it a hothouse for toxoplasma-style memes that unfold by way of outrage. Following the traditional crucial of evolution, if memes unfold by outrage they adapt to develop into as outrage-inducing as potential.

This was 2014, earlier than Tumblr’s inherent stupidity-inducing qualities had made the platform a laughingstock. 5 years in the past, Tumblr was nonetheless thought-about a occurring factor, particularly as a result of it was so fashionable with teenage women, and social-justice insanity was epidemic on Tumblr in the course of the Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter pleasure, Alexander defined:

In case you’re not on Tumblr, you may need missed the “everybody who doesn’t reblog the difficulty du jour is trash” wars. For a couple of weeks across the peak of the Ferguson dialogue, individuals always referred to as out each other for not reblogging sufficient Ferguson-related materials, or (Heavens forbid) saying they have been sick of the quantity of Ferguson materials they have been seeing.

This pressure-cooker of like-mindedness, with everybody looking for to one-up one another in demonstrating their dedication to #BlackLivesMatter, and denouncing anybody who didn’t present enough zeal for the sacred trigger, didn’t attraction to wholesome minds, particularly youngsters.

A traditional teenager doesn’t give a rattling about politics. Even throughout occasions of societal disaster, the traditional teenager can’t be bothered to care. Once I was a freshman in highschool, the Yom Kippur Warfare produced the Arab Oil Boycott, and Watergate led to President Nixon resigning a number of weeks earlier than the beginning of my sophomore yr. The subsequent spring, Communists conquered Saigon, and the Khmer Rouge took over in Cambodia. And what was I doing throughout all this world-historic drama? Enjoying trombone within the marching band, making an attempt to get to second base with a woman, smoking dope and listening to some superior rock-and-roll. In different phrases, I used to be being a traditional teenager, however we didn’t have on-line social-media then, so who is aware of what kind of mischief I’d gotten into if there had been sensible telephones and wifi circa 1973-75? However even with the arrival of all this know-how, the overwhelming majority of youngsters are nonetheless sufficiently regular that they’re kind of detached to politics, identical to I used to be again within the period of bell-bottom denims, Led Zeppelin and $20-an-ounce weed.

If somebody had tried to get us to care about politics once I was a young person, we’d have referred to as them a “homo,” which was a kind of generalized insult that wasn’t homophobic as a result of the phrase “homophobia” hadn’t been invented but. Circa 1974, “homo” (like “queer” and “faggot”) was simply an insult slung round amongst a gaggle of teenage buddies, with none precise suspicion of homosexuality. Maybe a sociology professor or a Gender Research main would interpret using such slang insults as expressions of “poisonous masculinity” or no matter, however in fact all professors and Gender Research majors are homos, by the requirements of regular youngsters. Once I was in highschool, all of the cool youngsters have been utterly cynical about politics and politicians, and contemplating that I attended highschool through the presidencies of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, maybe you’ll be able to see why have been have been so cynical.

Additionally, we have been stoned more often than not. Maybe my adolescent affiliation with dopehead hoodlums made me considerably atypical, however there have been numerous youngsters who went by way of the 1970s in a state of altered consciousness. In highschool, I kind of had one foot within the artsy nerd clique — marching band, choir, scholar theater, literary journal, and so on. — and the opposite foot within the long-haired rock-and-roll crowd. The prevalence of drug tradition within the mid-1970s was such that a few of the smartest youngsters in class additionally spent a great deal of time wasted on dope, together with heavy stuff like LSD, PCP and mescaline. However I digress . . .

We most emphatically didn’t care about “social justice” once I was a young person, and I think the overwhelming majority of regular youngsters now don’t actually care about that stuff, regardless of how a lot Democrats get excited by the thought of younger individuals being “social justice” lovers. However the crew of #BlackLivesMatter maniacs on Tumblr in late 2014 calling one another out for being insufficiently “woke” weren’t regular youngsters. Scott Alexander quotes an SJW Tumblrina:

“For those who’re uneducated, don’t use that as an excuse. Don’t say, ‘I’m not choosing sides as a result of I don’t know the complete story’” as a result of not choosing a aspect is supporting Wilson. And by supporting him, you’re on a racist aspect…Ignoring this example will put you in deep shit, and it makes you racist. In case you’re not racist, don’t simply say ‘however I’m not racist!!’ simply get educated and reblog something you possibly can.”


That was posted in November 2014, after a grand jury investigation discovered that Officer Darren Wilson had acted in self-defense in capturing Michael Brown. The 6-foot-Four, 292-pound Brown tried to seize the officer’s pistol throughout a wrestle that ensued when Wilson tried to arrest Brown, who was a suspect in a comfort retailer theft. Round the clock cable TV protection by CNN and MSNBC distorted the story in Ferguson to such an extent, nevertheless, that a false mythology of Brown as an harmless sufferer of racist police took maintain within the minds of “social justice warriors” (SJWs) just like the Tumblrina quoted above. This bogus narrative (“Palms up, don’t shoot”) led to violent riots in Ferguson.


A exceptional vanity was required to denounce as “uneducated” anybody who didn’t take the aspect of the Ferguson rioters. The information of this case, and the truth of race and crime in America, have been examined by Heather Mac Donald in her 2016 guide The Struggle on Cops: How the New Assault on Regulation and Order Makes Everybody Much less Protected. Contemplating that she received her B.A. from Yale and her J.D. from Stanford Regulation, Heather Mac Donald definitely can’t be referred to as “uneducated.” But such is the local weather created by the media’s social-justice propaganda that, until you’re sufficiently mature and well-informed to withstand this type of myth-making operation, you may simply consider that anybody who doesn’t share your perception is intellectually and/or morally inferior to you. So, who was this Tumblrina who declared, in November 2014, that anybody didn’t help the #BlackLivesMatter rioters in Ferguson was an “uneducated” racist?

Say whats up to Abby, a 19-year-old lesbian who lives in New Jersey.


On the time she posted her Ferguson rant in November 2014, Abby was a high-school freshman, nonetheless a few months away from her 15th birthday. Abby was born on Jan. 20, a reality I do know as a result of she additionally had a sideblog about astrology, describing herself as a Capricorn/Aquarius cusp. So the individual lecturing everyone on Tumblr on how “uneducated” they have been was a ninth-grader who believes in primitive superstition about how the actions stars and planets management our earthy fortunes.

And in addition, maybe not coincidentally, she’s a homo.

On the time of her ninth-grade rant about how everybody who disagreed together with her was an “uneducated” racist, Abby nonetheless recognized as bisexual. Having spent means an excessive amount of time scrolling by way of her Tumblr running a blog about her private issues, I’ll spare you the small print, besides to say that Abby’s household appears to be so tolerant and progressive that, to be able to acquire the customary adolescent thrill of teenage rebel, she’d in all probability need to knife them of their sleep. Or vote Republican.

In 1975, Midge Decter wrote a ebook referred to as Liberal Mother and father, Radical Youngsters that defined how the extremists of the 1960s New Left originated in misguided permissive parenting types that prevailed amongst who considered themselves as “enlightened” within the Eisenhower period. (You’ll be able to learn Abby Schacter’s evaluation of Decter’s ebook revealed on the event of its 40th anniversary in 2015.) Mother and father have to understand that youngsters require construction and self-discipline, a system of guidelines and penalties, with no tolerance for disrespect or impudent resistance to parental authority. You can’t be an efficient father or mother by making an attempt to “be your youngster’s greatest good friend”; this type of absurd egalitarian strategy to parenting produces spoiled, egocentric brats. However I digress . . .

What kind of 14-year-old thinks of herself as certified to lecture others about how “uneducated” they’re for arguing together with her? What’s it that evokes youngsters to pronounce judgment on individuals they’ve by no means met, and about whom they know nothing? Nicely, think about that Abby mentions being in remedy, and her “popping out” as bisexual at age 15 didn’t appear to impress any parental response, so that a yr or so later, after deciding that boys have been simply too boring to benefit her romantic curiosity, she declared herself a lesbian, and her mother and father truly invited Abby’s girlfriend to accompany them on their household trip.

With out getting too deep into the etiology of homosexuality, allow me to watch that Abby is a well-known sort — sexually precocious, she’d had each boyfriends and girlfriends earlier than she was sufficiently old to get a driver’s license and, whereas she’s fairly engaging, she’s considerably pudgy. Speculative dialogue of why Abby (or anybody else) engages in gay conduct can be a waste of time, however what I want to name to the reader’s consideration is that Abby is a recognizable sort, each when it comes to her private backstory and her bodily look together with (a) her purple-dyed undercut coiffure and (b) her pierced nostril. If you think about her Tumblr blogs dedicated to (c) “social justice” politics and (d) astrology, Abby is a 21st-century stereotype.

There are a number of issues I might say about this observable sample, however I’ll depart readers to attract their very own conclusions, besides to channel the voice of my teenage hoodlum buddies circa 1975, who virtually definitely would have stated, “Social justice is for homos.” Move the bong.



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